EM 125kHz RFID Card

EM 125kHz RFID Card

PN: HTA-004

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EM 125kHz RFID Card with 10-digit ID that can be used with the following readers: 

  • SKU: HTA-009 Serial EM 125kHz RFID Reader (15cm range)
  • SKU: HTA-015 Wiegand EM 125kHz RFID Reader (15cm range)
  • SKU: HTA-011 Serial EM 125kHz RFID Reader (1m range)
    • SKU: HTA-006 Clamshell ID Cards are best suited for the 1m range reader


There are 2 options for these EM 125kHz cards: 

  • Pre-Defined: The card comes with a pre-defined 10-digit ID programmed to the card
  • Writable: The card comes with no defined ID
    • The card will need to be assigned a custom 10-digit ID by the user
    • SKU: HTA-003 can be used to program each card from the PC