Custom Cables

So You Make Custom Cables?

With a name that includes Custom Solutions, it's an honest question to ask. Yes, we can design and create all your custom cable needs. Whether you need a power cable, vehicle cable, or some other type of cable, we can help alleviate the burden of design and manufacturing. 

Don't have a drawing for the cable you need? No problem! We can work with a description, hand drawing, or pin-out table to put together a manufacturing drawing and get you a quotation. 

Custom Labeling

Add custom labeling to your cable assemblies for warning labels, product identification, or get your logo added to the cables you sell.

Custom Molds & Grommets

Create custom overmold cable assemblies to withstand some of the more demanding requirements or environments. These molded cable assemblies provide the additional benefits of strain relief, improved pull strength, and protection from environmental stresses.

Cable Grommets

Connector Molds

Backshell Molds

Heitech Custom Solutions provides manufacturing for all different types of custom cables, connectors, and adapters. Take a look at our photo galleries below to get an idea of the different cable assemblies we've helped our customers build. 

Contact Us today to get started on customizing a cable to fit your application.


Vehicle Connectors

Right Angle

Female with Clip

OBDII Universal Clip

Universal Clip



Right Angle

Custom Cable Photo Gallery