RFID Readers for EM 125khz Type Cards

HeitechCS offers 2 different EM type RFID readers that will work with the EM Type 125kHz RFID cards. These readers will not work with the 125kHz HID cards.  

  • HTA-009: Serial EM 125kHz RFID Reader with 15cm range
  • HTA-011: Serial EM 125kHz RFID Reader with 1m range
  • HTA-015: Wiegand EM 125kHz RFID Reader (15cm range)

It is recommended for best performance, that the EM RFID cards below are used along with these readers. 

HTA-003 USB writer for EM tags HTA-004w, HTA-005w, and HTA-006w



EM 10-digit Cards

‘w’ model is Re-Writable



EM 10-digit Keychain Fobs

‘w’ model is Re-Writable



EM 10-digit cards for 1m range reader model HTA-011

‘w’ model is Re-Writable

RFID Readers compatible with HID 125khz Type Cards

These RFID Readers work with the different types of HID 125kHz cards (ex: HID ProxCard II) that are commonly used for security solutions. 

  • HTA-010: Serial RFID Reader compatible with HID 125kHz cards
  • HTA-016: Wiegand RFID Reader compatible with HID 125kHz cards
    • This reader is only compatible with the 26-bit ID cards
  • HTA-018: Wiegand RFID Reader compatible with HID 125kHz cards


1-Wire And Serial RFID Conversion Cables

HeitechCS has developed cables for 1-Wire, RS232 or UART Serial interfaces that allow RFID readers to be connected to the supported interface of a device. Each of these cables have the following features:

  • Convert vehicle power to provide the correct DC voltage for the RFID reader
  • Enable line that allows the RFID reader to be powered down to prevent battery drainage
  • Individual LED or Buzzer control lines

The cables and more can be found by visiting the Accessory page and filtering the products by 'RFID'.