Chain-able Temp Sensor

Chain-able Temperature Sensor Application

The Chain-able Temperature sensors were made to simplify the installation process.

  • Connectors added to the cables for easy installation
  • IP67 overmolded connectors to provide protection from water/condensation
  • Extension Cables allow for easy customization of the length required for each temperature sensor in the chain. 

How it works:

These temperature probes work through the 1-Wire interface of a supported device, which consists of a 1-Wire and Ground line. The DS28EA00 temperature sensor allows you to chain multiple sensors onto the 1-wire line with 4 connections: 

  • 1-Wire line
  • Ground
  • Previous Sensor
  • Next Sensor

Our sensors remove the need to worry about complicated installation/wiring instructions, as the wiring connections have already been taken care of. Just plug the First Cable (SKU: HTC-007) into the 1-Wire interface, and use the Extension Cable (SKU: HTC-008) or Temperature Sensors (SKU: HTS-014) to build the chain from there. 

Connection Example: