Wiegand RFID Conversion Cable with RS232 Serial Output

PN: HTD-010-A

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This accessory converts the output of a Wiegand RFID reader, and sends the ID via RS232 Serial output. In addition, the cable will also provide the following features:

  • Convert input voltage from 10-30VDC down to the proper DC level for the RFID reader
  • Provides a enable line to control power to the reader
    • Floating or Ground = Off
    • 3.3VDC = On
    • Note: Another variant of the cable is available to remove this functionality HTD-010-A1
  • Passes through the LED and Buzzer controls of the RFID reader if available

Click the Application Guide for more information on the HTD-010 product.

The RS232 Serial Output Cable models will work with all of our Wiegand output readers:

  • HTA-015: Compatible with EM 125kHz, 26-bit cards
  • HTA-016: Compatible with HID 125kHz, 26-bit cards only
  • HTA-017: Keypad Entry or compatible with EM 125kHz, 26-bit cards
  • HTA-018: Compatible with HID 125kHz cards